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Corinthian Class Rules


The SuperYacht Racing Association’s Corinthian Spirit initiative is intended to provide yacht owners with an alternative to conventional ORCsy racing. The emphasis is on fun, competitive racing, while eliminating the need for race optimization and additional racing crew. The non-spinnaker Corinthian Spirit Class racing will require fewer racing crew, reduce the impact on the yacht captain’s resources leading up to regattas, streamline the handicaping process, and reduce overall regatta related expenses. 

Eligibility Criteria & Class Specific Rules 

• Cruising yachts with a minimum LOA of 100 feet

• This is a non-spinnaker class (mizzen staysails are allowed)

• Jibs on furlers or hanks

• A valid Corinthian Spirit handicap certificate (ORCcs) is required. If a yacht has a valid 2023 ORCsy certificate, that will be converted to ORCcs certificate at no charge

• A qualified RRS Afterguard Member must be aboard, as with conventional superyacht racing


Cyclades Cup Handicapping Policy and Procedures 

An important Corinthian Spirit goal is to keep the racing enjoyable and competitive without owners having to optimize their yachts. It features the ORC Superyacht Rule and VPP with an ORC Corinthian Spirit (ORCcs) certificate, which has less stringent requirements for yacht measurement data and accepts declared data and designer/builder information in the handicap application. 

• The ORC/SYRA panel members will resolve any declared data issues, assess the yacht’s optimization, and answer any questions from the captain or yacht owner

• Corinthian Spirit handicap certificates will be issued prior to the Captain’s Briefing on June 13th

Subjective handicap adjustments can be made by the ORC/SYRA panel prior to the first race based on the optimization of the yacht for racing and other relevant factors, and/or between races based on observed speed potential and manoeuvring characteristics of all yachts in class (using GPS tracking and/or on water observations)

• There will be a 1% Owner / Driver credit applied (yacht owners should drive at least half of each race). This will be declared by the yacht captain at the captains briefing

• Scoring is with a five-number handicap for different wind ranges or Weather Routing Scoring Method to determine the corrected times


• Safe racing has been and will continue to be the top priority of the Cyclades Cup - Antiparos regatta organiser and the SYRA. There will be no compromise to safe racing

• Racing will be in accordance with the NoR, Sailing Instructions and any other official regatta documents, including the RRS Appendix SY

• The pursuit start racing format will most probably be used

• The race committee will determine class breaks, at its sole discretion

• Series trophies will be awarded for the top three finishers in class 

Written feedback on the Corinthian Spirit Class initiative and/or handicapping is welcome after the regatta has concluded. During the regatta, representatives of participating yachts shall not communicate with or lobby ORC or SYRA representatives regarding handicaps or any handicap adjustments. Any questions or concerns regarding handicaps or changes to handicaps shall be presented to the organizer in writing. Please refer to the Corinthian Spirit Class philosophy above.

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