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Cyclades Cup

Official Notice Board

Regatta officials are using a web-based program to assist with the management of this regatta. It provides electronic formsfor such actions as scoring inquiries, protests, equipment substitutions, etc. And it provides for electronic communicationwith competitors if competitors have provided an email and/or telephone number accepting SMS. Competitors will benotified electronically of protest time limits, confirmation of a protest filing, scheduled hearing times, etc. This electronicsystem allows competitors to move freely about the event and remain in contact with relevant officials. And all competitorshave electronic access to the scoring inquiries, jury decisions, etc.*


Notice: This electronic notice board is the Official Notice Board (ONB) for this regatta.


NOTICE: When submitting a protest, request or report, the procedure (as set forth in the Racing Rules of Sailing and theSailing Instructions) remains unchanged.

The jury and parties reserve the right to limit public access to certain decisions.*

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